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Return my feelings

In the traffic at clock tower, I was robbed. Within the restraints of that closed up taxi, I couldn’t reach out and grab him or run after him like I’ve done before. I felt utterly helpless.  A conductor from the taxi behind us tried to grab him, but the thief was too swift for his hands. Our conductor looked away, undisturbed. He had this look of “I’ve seen this before” on his face, as did other passengers. Suddenly this violent crime became my fault, for being careless and not being mindful enough. This helplessness became misconduct. How could I forget, for one second, about thieves? And I began thinking, what life is this where to forget about thieves for one second, makes me the villain? How about the police? What gives them the right to parade neighborhoods looking for jobless youths who do not agree with the regime and yet they are nowhere to be seen on the streets where thieves snatch phones and bags in broad daylight? Why haven’t they deployed at clock tower and grabbed the