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A rare Kind

Let me break free
let me bend the tree
and see if it hurts
to treat those hearts
like little balls
bouncing off walls
falling down the drain
or should I refrain???
perhaps it's true
they have no clue
no hearts in their chests
all there is to the test
is a struggle to be known
in the end to be blown
never to find
any equal to their kind

Small Things are Beautiful.

I have been away for quite a long time, and on my second visit to South Sudan, I have seen things from a very different point of view.
And yet I have still learnt so many things on this journey, things that reminded me why I love journeys, in all their forms. Journeys are the only thing (well, maybe not only but THE) that takes you away from home, or to home, and along the way show you so many things that make you grow. We can all probably grow from watching things pass by us, but there is a certain dimension that journeys bring to the whole picture. Other than the physical act of going, journeys physically transform us and show us options we sometimes pretend not to see.
On this journey I met a man. A man I have heard about for such a long time, read about and longed to see. He founded the HOLY TRINITY PEACE VILLAGE, KURON, about which we were going to make a documentary.
The first time I visited this peace village, I came back sure that I wanted to do a documentary about it. I talke…