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Stop saying shit about Winnie Mandela

Stop saying shit about Winnie Mandela. You know how Ugandans think that gay people are paid to be gay so that they promote the whole homosexual kingdom and take over? Well, I wonder why they don’t think that some people are also paid to promote chauvinism especially through religion! It makes more sense. And this is what I kept thinking as I leafed through Josephine Namukisa’s book, “The Warring Princess”. Recently, a friend gave me this book to read.   It’s a religious book and I was hesitant to read it but she needed my opinion and I agreed to. She warned me though and said “I get the feeling she thinks the ultimate job of a woman is to nurture children, but perhaps I misunderstood her and you grew up a Christian so maybe you’ll interpret it differently”. I’m cautious around religion nowadays, but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out and see what people are saying out there about human existence. It’s usually just speculation, anyways. So I took the book. It’s pretty small, a