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Freezing in York

Dear homeless guy in York,
How are you today? Has this
Bright but heatless sun shone on you
Or are you still sprawled by the street, in your
Green sleeping bag? In a city where people apologize for walking too close
And the little streets ferry countless feet
Including mine, heading off to
God knows where, who notices you? While the homeless guy in London
Sat by himself on the corner
As his colleagues lined up
For a free meal on the white van,
You stood out, in pretty York. While the homeless guy in Leeds sat with a hat before him
And whispered gently 'can you spare some change' even though few
Gave him attention,
You sat there wordlessly being. While tourists paid loads for petty souvenirs and buzzed around
The street you call home, while we
Were busy taking pictures and making videos, you sat
Quietly by the walls of the great minster,
Mocking us, ably pointing out
The ridiculousness of your government
Who don't value you. You questioned the discussions held at …