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Men are Like Cars

MEN ARE LIKE CARS I’ve been meaning to tell you some things since we came to that point where you thought you could make believe, my lonely heart that she was stuck with no choice, only your kind. And I remember your words, at first disturbing but now only a whisper fading in the sound of laughter “all men are the same” you said. “None is going to be only yours. There is no man that’s going to be completely honest with his woman. Trust me, I know so.” I have looked for ways and failed to let you know that men, no matter how male, are different.   Forgive my supposed sexism, but men are like cars. Again I beg to disappoint you by not going into makes but into usage on the street. For some, they are like taxis. You need one in the old taxi park but when you reach town you can’t differentiate between the old and new parks because they’re all a jumbled piece of a mess. And when you finally get the taxi you hope will take you home, compromising your comfort cause it’s the onl