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How I was treated like trash by Kenya airways staff for being a short black girl.

When my travel agent asked me to choose an airline to fly to England, I looked through the list they had sent me and chose Kenya Airways. It was East African, it was affordable, it was close to home. Little did I know that I would pay dearly for this. After my scheduled stay, I couldn't wait to return home. But Kenya Airways staff had other plans for me. The lady who checked my bags in said my backpack was too bulgy and asked me to lose a few things so it didn't look too big. Otherwise I'd have to pay for it as baggage. This was distressing because I had called the previous day and had been told that as long as my total dimensions added up, my backpack would not be a problem as carry-on luggage. But I still had a lot of time so I went and got rid of a few things that were not very heavy but were large. It was painful, but I obliged. I just wanted to go home. The bag could not exceed 12kgs, and after removing a few things, my weight was now below 10kgs. I put it through