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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a girl. She had no sisters, no brothers and no cousins. She had
only her mother for comfort, and only her father for a companion. Her name was Birungi.
Birungi was no ordinary girl. She was a pride of her family, no matter how small, and a
whisper in every home on the village. You see, Birungi was so good at conversation she
could make a baby speak in tongues. Her mother was proud of her; her father never hesitated
to show off to his friends how intelligent she was. Every time they organised beer parties on
Friday evenings, Birungi told them stories that she had learnt from her mother. Sometimes
her father thought she exaggerated them, and he laughed at how many jokes she could tell in
one night.
Birungi was always sent on errands and she returned well without injuries. She fetched water,
collected grass for the kitchen floor, and did all things a child could do, being an only child.
One day, she was sent to fetch firewood in …

Nitumwesiga: YOU AND I

Nitumwesiga: YOU AND I: YOU AND I. Let’s start by stopping and looking around:   There is no one watching. And even if they were, Let’s just let them wat...