Let’s start by stopping and looking around:
 There is no one watching. And even if they were,
Let’s just let them watch
And go on ahead.
Let’s ask some questions, and give each other answers.
Let’s clear our doubts, it’s only fair.
Let’s not be afraid of talking and asking.
We are yet so young, we need no wrinkles.
We are frightened, some times, I guess,
But let’s just break free
Like rain from clouds.
Let’s chat about our past,
And dream about the future.
Let’s tell each other stories, we’ve just began.
Let’s not make the mistakes our forefathers made,
Let’s not regret, we know what we want.
Let’s not be fixed to the rules of the past,
Let’s craft our own rules and break them if we like.
Let’s dart to the square, when we hear the drum,
Let’s drum ourselves when the drummer gets weary.
And let’s dance to the drums when our hands get tired.
Let’s grab a taxi away from town.
Let’s stroll on the hushed path and feel the cool breeze.
Let’s hold each other’s hands and listen to the crickets
Let’s not be terrified by the reign of night.
Let’s sit down and stare at the murky graceful river
Let’s turn our heads and smile through the dark
Let’s lie on the ground and watch the sky
Let’s whisper to the moon and send regards to the stars.
Let’s then sigh and have a little fight
As our bodies roll on the damp green grass,
Let’s permit a little laughter to escape our mouth.
Let’s not draw apart when our lips touch
Let’s take in the moment and share some bliss.
Let’s think about tomorrow and the work ahead of us
Then let’s get up and walk back home.
Let’s stand on the crossroads and wish we could stay
Let’s look into each other’s eyes and gain some vigor
Let’s inform each other when next we can meet
Let’s be like teenagers and sob a little
Let’s miss each other when we still are together
Then reassure each other and let go of the hands.
Let’s wish each other a good peaceful night,
And part in peace without any grief.


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